SunRide Festival 2016

Sunride Festival

Sunride Motospeciali is dedicated to riders and vintage motorbikes, caferacers and customized bikes. It takes place in Pesaro, a city connected to bikes since more than one century. It’s an intense WE (weekend) together with passionate bike customizers and live concerts. People gathering there they all want to share this incredible experience: a big party where the sun goes down by the sea.

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 Edition 2016 – 24/25/26 June – Pesaro – Good Vibrations

WRide was there! From Turin to Pesaro riding two marvelous Vervemoto. We would like to share with you our trip trough the images and words of OfficineGPDesign, our incredible partner and friend that accompanied us in this experience:


“Emotions on two-wheels. All-woman emotions.”

Everything started in November 2015. A photographic shooting, at Officine GPDesign’s headquarters, brought together Luca Pozzato, Alessandro Altavilla and WRide. With their respective wish of making Dreams come true, the two gave birth to Good Vibrations. A project that tasted like adventure, And became a journey.


From Turin, Officine GPDesign official location, up to The Sunride Festival, one of the most important Italian events dedicated to special bikes.

An event, but most of all a celebration.

A magic union between music and motors, from which the Good Vibrations arise, those positive emotions which make every summer unforgettable.

Officine GPDesign wanted to be at this special seaside event, made of special motorbikes, music and smiles. And they did it, with two specials – Verve 250 Classic and the special WOW, signed by Luca Pozzato and protagonist of Fuorisalone 2016 – and, most important, Officine GPDesign did that with two special women. Sara Rigante, Italian engineer living in Switzerland, and Adriana Pinto Martinez, Spanish from Madrid working in the marketing world. The two, who met online and then in Barcelona, shared a dream: to found a motorcycle women club. And, together, travel all over the world. They did it for the first time From Turin to Pesaro with the support of two dear friends that are very committed to the project, Luca and Alessandro. On board of their Verves, the two girls travelled for three days (from the 24th to the 26th of June).


For more than 600km. From Turin, down to Pesaro, crossing the region of Langhe, approaching the natural parks of Liguria, Portofino, the land of Cinque Terre, crossing Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.


A journey full of emotions and surprises. Unexpected things, smiles, chatting without a reason. Intensive laughs until you faint, midnight sandwiches. Broken tires, getting lost in the road. Wasp bites, a fire burning sun. A mine, that suddenly appears, a magic sunset embracing the whole Marco Simoncelli Misano World Circuit, the memory of who is not there anymore.


600 km of pure freedom. Of making dreams come true. Dancing on the beach. Immortalized memories by Alessandro Altavilla’s camera.

And true friendship. And… what about the future? A new women trip, of course. Under the pure mood of “Good Vibrations”.


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