Raduno Nazionale Royal Enfield 2016

Royal Enfield Annual meeting

As every year for the past a decade or so, the wonderful city of Siena hosts the national Royal Enfield meeting.

Fans of the iconic brand from all over Italy come together to share the desire to ride their historycal motorcycles together. It is with this simplicity and with the desire to be together which develops a magical tour through the hills of Siena.

Edition 2016 – 9/10/11 September – Siena – The Continental trip

“[…] We left from Geneve on the 9th September 2016.

First destination: the Royal Enfield italian distributor home, in Caserta.

Final destination: Siena, where the RE annual meeting was taking place.

Once in Caserta, we could admire the beautiful Bullet Classic and the Continental GT in all shapes and colors, but not only. We were impressed by the efficiency and organization of a company where family and professionals work together to distribute this amazing brand all over Italy.

When we were asked which one we would like for the trip, I was confused and I simply didn’t want to choose. Hopefully Adriana had to text me one month before letting me know that she wanted the GT, very specifically, red, so everything was set quite quickly. A Black one for me!, perfect matching pics, I thought.

We enjoyed an amazing pizza in the region where it was actually born (still dreaming about it from my cold mountains here in Switzerland) and went to sleep. The day after a beautiful rainy day was waiting for us. We were looking like two beautiful trash bags but we were smiling so much that it didn’t really matter. Finally the journey started. The rain was quite heavy all the way to Rome but it didn’t feel like it was really raining. The bikes were amazingly stable and well balanced, we felt to be completely safe under the rain, even on same highway sections. A quick stop for coffee (the 4th cappuccino of the day for Adriana), just the time for me to completely burn my plastic rain pants on the bike exhaust (guys, are you sure it has to be mounted right there?) and back on the road to Bolsena for having lunch.



The sun finally came through the clouds and, even without any charming prince kisses, we transformed from trash bags to the two beautiful princess bikers we are (more or less). Rome, Bolsena and finally Tuscany. Riding in Tuscany is timeless. Landscapes are simply a harmonic sequence of hills, cypresses and small roads leading to old cottages. I was completely on standby from everything. The sky was so wide over the hills that it felt liked driving into the clouds hitting sharp ray lights. I was dreaming to stop by one of those cottages and just staying there the whole week. Not alone, of course.


All of a sudden we arrived at the camping in Siena, not sure how and in how much time. I can only remember the sad voice of Adriana saying “Is it over?” and I woke up from that bucolic dream.

We had a very funny time at the camping. We got lost looking for our bungalow, I almost crushed my bike and Adriana did 10 videos making fun of me, the usual, in one word. Our special photographer, Alessandro Altavilla, and my (special) brother joined us and we had a pleasant dinner talking about politics and geography (just kidding, but I can’t tell what we actually talk about). The day after, 11th of September, the Annual Royal Enfield meeting took place. We really suggest every RE lover to attend this meeting next year. The bikes are simply unique and it was really interesting to see how everybody gave his personal touch to her/his bike. You couldn’t tell the models were just two. It looked like an artistic exhibition. Everybody was really nice and we enjoyed a great time all together. The Sunday ride covered one of the famous “Strade Bianche – Eroica Pro” (Heroic race of the gravel roads). Not an easy one, though, but again our bikes made us felt completely confident even on the gravel. Unfortunately, the Doctor didn’t win that day but we couldn’t be more satisfied (also Jorge didn’t win, maybe for that too) about the Royal Enfiled experience. […]”


Written by Sarah Webster.