Leuca , the “finis terrae”

S. Maria di Leuca is a very little town situated at the southernmost point of the Italian heel. Is very beautiful to go on summer by the beach and here two Italian seas meet themselves so the panorama is very breathtaking .

How to go there?

The bikers starts them trip from Lecce, they go to San cataldo and one time they are there, continues to the south and ride by the coast until you arrive to Leuca.

During the ride you can enjoy the landscape of the coast, where sand and rocks are alternate, the sea often is very clean and his colour is very enchanting . Always the bikers do some stops like Torre dell’Orso , where often is very visible the mountains of Albania if you look at horizon ,infact sometimes the network of mobile phone change with Albania’s network or Greece’s network.

Written by Marta Greco.